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Appointments for both locations. Call 919-449-2447.

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Groom's Services

Want to look perfectly groomed for your wedding day? Or look polished while poolside on your honeymoon? We've got you covered!

At BrowZnAround, we love our male clients and do our best to meet their needs and help them feel at home. Many salons and estheticians refuse to wax men, and most make them feel uncomfortable and unwelcome if the do. That'll never happen at BrowZnAround.

We can attend to your manscaping needs from head to toe AND in the process we'll use waxes that remove your coarser hairs and keep you comfortable, too.

Before Your Visit

Check these simple tips to make sure your visit is as comfortable, effective and hygienic as possible.

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Consultation complimentary
Ask us any questions about what you and your groomsmen need, and our grooming services.

Custom Packages

We can customize packages of any of the services we offer to meet the needs of all the men in your wedding party. Let us know what you'd like, and we'll design a package for your needs.

Premium Body Hair Removal

For our Brazilian waxings, we use a premium, high-end hard wax that is usually only found in exclusive salons and is a rare sighting in the Triangle.

Arms Tea Tree Waxing Sugaring
Full Arm4550
Removes hair from wrist to top of shoulder
Half Arm2530
Removes hair from wrist to elbow
Legs Tea Tree WaxingSugaring
Full Leg7075
Removes hair from top of thigh to ankle
Half Leg4045
Removes hair from knee to ankle
Brazilians Hard WaxingSugaring
Holiday Package Full Brazilian6060
Removes all hair from front to derriére strip. Save $10-15. Offer valid until February 1, 2013. See above for terms.
Partial Brazilian5560
Removes hair from outside of bikini line and inner thigh
Torso Hard WaxingSugaring
Removes hair from the bottom of the neck to the top of the waist
Removes hair from the bottom of the neck line to the top of the waist


  Tea Tree WaxingSugaring
Ultimate GuyBrow Grooming1520
Grooms the eyebrow area by waxing or sugaring, tweezing and hair length trimming. For waxing, we use a premium natural tea tree créme wax that leaves skin smooth while protecting it from dryness and irritation.

Guy's Facial Treatments

Dermalogica® Men's Skin Treatment 70
This facial treatment focuses on men's unique skin concerns, like shaving irritation and ingrown hair prevention. Tailored just for your individual needs, you'll receive a double cleanse and steam, exfoliation, pressure point facial massage, and treatment mask. Your treatment ends with hydration and daily skin care advice.

Treatment Add-Ons

Eye Treatment 7
Choose between:
• Age Reversal
• Intensive Eye Repair
• Multivitamin Power Firm
Moisture Boost 7
Rehydrate + Replenish dry thirsty skin.

LEARN MORE | Dermalogica®

Natural Facial Hair Removal

Our premium natural tea tree crème wax melts at at just above body temperature which allows for a more comfortable treatment, and is recommended for sensitive skin.

 Tea Tree WaxingSugaring
Neck 1520
Removes hair from the bottom of the hairline to the top of the back
Ears 1015
Removes hair from the outer area of the ear lobe

Permanent Male Eyebrow Enhancement

Board Certified Liscensed Esthetician, Master Eyebrow Artist, and Expert Permanent Makeup Artist Stephanie Williams performs all of the permanent makeup procedures at BrowZnAround. All permanent makeup procedures include a pre-procedure consultation, the actual procedure, and a follow-up procedure about four weeks later.

LEARN MORE | Stephanie's Bio | Reviews

Includes initial consultation where Stephanie will color-match your pigment with the procedure area, actual procedure, and follow-up procedure about four weeks later.

Pre-procedure Consultationcomplimentary
All permanent makeup procedures include a pre-procedure consultation when Stephanie will color-match the pigment with your procedure area. An Ultimate Guybrow Grooming is included with all permanent eyebrow procedures.
Male Eyebrow Enhancement375
Color is deposited in the desired natural eyebrow shape to enhance thinning eyebrows, fill in gaps, or restore eyebrows lost to medical conditions or treatments

Additional Services

If you see a service on our Ladies' Menu or on another studio's menu that you'd like but don't see here, just ask. We can accommodate most requests.


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