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Lash Dip FAQ. Answers to Your Questions.

LashDip™ FAQ

LashDip™ FAQ

How Is LashDip™ Different From Other Treatments On The Market?

LashDip™ must be applied by trained, certified estheticians. It cannot be done at home. Stephanie Williams is a licensed esthetician with specialized training and certification in LashDip™ treatments.

LashDip™ adds volume, increases length, provides lift, curve & separation — similar to that of traditional mascara — but it won't smudge or wash off for weeks!

Lash growth enhancers will give you growth and fortitude, but will not provide the lush cosmetic finish of LashDip™.

Does LashDip™ Contain Aniline or Formaldehyde?

No, LashDip™ does not contain Aniline or Formaldehyde. LashDip™ is pharmaceutical grade, hypoallergenic, and is composed of the purest ingredients available.

Can LashDip™ Be Used As A Complement To Other Treatments On The Market?

LashDip™ is a mascara replacement. Unlike mascara, LashDip™ is semi-permanent and can be worn for an extended period of time. It can also be applied in combination with eyelash extensions and, when applied together, provides a finished look, often making the extensions last longer and enhancing the lashes luster. LashDip™ can also be used with lash growth enhancers. It will create a perfectly finished, cosmetic look.

How Long Will LashDip™ Last?

The semi-permanence of LashDip™ is the result of an innovative formula and application technique. The enhanced finish LashDip™ provides to your lashes can last up to six weeks. Individual results are dependent upon the rate at which ones natural lashes grow, and properly following prescribed home care. Typical results are four weeks. At two weeks, we recommend a follow-up visit with Stephanie Williams for a "LashRefresh™" appointment. Proper maintenance will help extend the life of LashDip™ during each treatment period.

What Does LashDip™ Cost?

Typically you can expect your LashDip™ service to cost between $200-$300 per initial treatment, depending on the number of desired coats and your location. The cost for a follow up LashRefresh visit will be dependent upon the maintenance required.

How Should I Care For My Lashes Post-Treatment?

Minimal at home care is required to maintain your LashDip™ application. We recommend that you do not allow water to come in contact with your lashes 24 hours post a LashDip™ application or a LashRefresh™. Limiting eyelashes exposure to hot water or sauna during the first 24 hours post treatment is also recommended.

What Will Be My Home Maintenance?

Use LashSeal™ once per week in the morning. LashSeal™ can extend the life of your LashDip™.

Who Is A Candidate For LashDip™?

Anyone who wears mascara — or wants to — and who doesn't want to deal with smearing, smudging, and other inconvenient side-effects that can result when wearing traditional mascara.

Our clientele include:

  • Mothers with young children
  • Executives
  • Women on the go
  • Anyone who wants to amplify the look, or extend the wear, of traditional eyelash extensions
  • Vacationers seeking maximum convenience
  • Women who don't want to spend the time on makeup application
  • Women with short, sparse lashes
  • Women who just want to look glamorous all the time
  • Women who struggle with applying their own mascara

Can I Wear LashDip™ If I Wear Contact Lenses Or Have Sensitive Eyes?

Yes, absolutely. Please let your certified LashDip technician know of any sensitivities before your service. Contact lenses should be removed prior to your LashDip™ application.

Can I Have A Second LashDip™ Treatment?

A "LashRefresh™" is recommended at about the halfway mark (two weeks after initial application). A second LashDip™ treatment can also be re-applied in addition or re-applied immediately after removal, if desired.

Can LashDip™ Be Applied To Simulate My Preferred Style Of Mascara Application?

Yes. That is the beauty of LashDip™'s professional sculpting technique. LashDip™ will simulate one's preferred style of mascara application, with the added benefit of semi-permanence!

Are There Special Products I Need To Use With LashDip™?

It is important to use water based (not oil based) products when wearing LashDip™.

Will LashDip™ Damage My Natural Lashes?

No. The LashDip™ technique is specially designed to maintain the integrity of your natural lashes. With proper care and maintenance, you will not experience side effects.

What are the Possible Side Effects of LashDip™?

On rare occasion, a mild stinging sensation may occur during application if the client opens their eyes. Sensation ceases within a few seconds after the eyes are closed. Redness of the eye may occur immediately following procedure but disappears within a few minutes.

LashDip™ Before / After

Permanent makeup before / after

Stephanie Williams can tailor LashDip™ semi-permanent mascara to recreate ANY style of mascara application. See results of actual LashDip™ clients.

by Stephanie Williams

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