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LashDip™ Lovers

No Worries About Smudging or Sweating

Brooke says:

I am so happy I tried LashDip™! I've always had fair eye lashes and would coat on so much mascara to make my eyes pop™… And even then, I was never totally satisfied. I tried LashDip™ and I am thrilled! My lashes are blacker than black and look full and thick. They also don't feel like I have any mascara on, they are still soft and feel natural. I honestly think they have changed the shape of my face. I love that I can roll out of bed and look like I'm wearing mascara, not to mention, I don't have to worry about any smudging or sweating it off at the gym. LashDip™ is a great product. Every girl should use it!

Perfect for Any Busy Woman

Tatyana says:

LashDip™ is not only an amazing beauty product, but a huge time saver, too. With my busy schedule, LashDip™ made it possible to wake up and be able to run out of the house without having to give my mascara or makeup a second thought.

My lashes are already fairly long, but not thick. LashDip™ really made them stand out yet still look natural. One of the things I love most about LashDip™ is that you get to select the degree to which your lashes are enhanced: one coat does the trick for a really pretty natural look, but multiple coats create a dramatic vixen-like look.

I absolutely love LashDip™ — it's perfect for any busy woman who is constantly on the go. It's also perfect for mascara lovers who want to have beautiful lashes around the clock.

My Morning Makeup Routine Was Cut in Half!

Jackie says:

My extremely straight, sparse lashes have always been a problem. To no avail, I have been through multiple mascaras trying to find a formula that curls, thickens and lengthens. LashDip™ instantly gave me the look I've been searching for! My eyes popped and became my main facial attraction. With LashDip™, people continue to ask me "What's different?" Once I revealed that my eyelashes were longer and thicker, they were stunned and envious that a lash product could actually make that much of a noticeable difference. For the first time ever, I've received compliments on my lashes.

LashDip™ gives me the best feeling of waking up every morning and knowing that I didn't have to apply 5 coats of mascara to achieve my desired look. My morning makeup routine was cut in half! The added bonus is that a single application lasts 4-5 weeks. LashDip™ is absolutely amazing! Every woman should try LashDip™!

Greatly Improved the Life of My [Eyelash] Extensions

Andrea says:

…As a long time lash extension client, LashDip™ has made my extensions so so much better. They stay in place longer. 2 weeks out, they look like they did the day I got them in spite of my active lifestyle. Also, LashDip™ has greatly improved the life of my extensions by double! I used to pay for a new set every 3 weeks or so. Now, my extensions easily last 6 weeks. This has been a significant savings. For beauty and economy for the lash extension client, LashDip is amazing!!!

LashDip™ Before / After

Permanent makeup before / after

Stephanie Williams can tailor LashDip™ semi-permanent mascara to recreate ANY style of mascara application. See results of actual LashDip™ clients.

by Stephanie Williams

The Best Permanent Eyebrows Ever!! Bjb007 on Citysearch

An expert in all things eye design, Stephanie Williams is highly skilled and specially trained to give you just the look you've been searching for.

NC Board Certified Esthetician

Master Ultimate Eyebrow Artist

NC Board Certified in Micropigmentation

OSHA Certified in Bloodborne Pathogens

Lavish Lashes™ Certified Professional

LashDip™ Professional

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